Can you and up to 5 friends discover and protect Professor George's Secret?

Solve the clues using observation, logic and team work to tackle manual and mental puzzles.  The game can be played at different levels, making it accessible for both experienced and first-time escape room players.  It's family friendly, with a junior version, suitable for children aged 8 and above.  (The standard version is suitable for 12 year+)

Professor George's Secret is a pop up escape room, open in Walthamstow from 25th July to 2nd Sept 2022. 

If you're looking for some summer holiday fun, look no further!


All proceeds will support our work, supporting young people in areas of high deprivation to be safe, enhance their wellbeing, provide hope and develop better connections with the wider world.

As a pop-up this will be available only for a limited time over the summer holiday.  Book using the links below:

Professor George made a major, important, super-secret scientific discovery - and then disappeared! Someone needs to find the secret quickly, before it falls into the wrong hands...